3 bars High or low Binary Options Strategy

Binary Options High/Low Strategy

Markets:Forex, Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Tresury Bond.


This Binary options strategy High/Low is for time 60 min or higher.


Trend indicator;

ADX( 14) >19 optional filter.


Works only in trend

Setup:2 bars in sequence bars must be either bullish or bearish. Also it must be in slope.

Entry At open 3° candle.


In the example below (GBP/USD H1) we have the formation of the 5 patterns  3 bars bullish with five victories.

This Strategy is also a Scalping System exit for scalping at close bar or with fixed Profit Target.

Place stop loss at low or high of the 2° Bars.

Bynary Options Trading System: 3 bars High or low Binary Options Strategy


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