Centre of Gravity Trading System


Time Frame Currency Pairs Indicators
 H1 or Higher ALL Centre Of Gravity

MA Cross OC

Long Entry

The price should :

  1. When the price has moved below the BOTTOM GREEN line of the Center of            Gravity indicator.
  2. The bar has CLOSED, you should become alert and wait arrow blue of MA OC.

Short Trade

The price should :

  1. Wait for the price to move above the TOP GREEN line of the Center of Gravity indicator
  2. and the bar to CLOSE. After this happens, you need to wait arrow red of MA OC

Stop Loss

You can use a fixed stoploss or a trailing stop, You can also move the stops manually each and every time a new support or resistance level develops

Profit Target

For the Takeprofit, you can use a fixed Takeprofit level, you can calculate this based on the risk:reward ratio based on your stoploss level,You can keep it 1:2… for example, if you are using a stoploss of 25, you can put a takeprofit of 50. You can also use no takeprofit levels at all and let the trades run closing them when you have an opposite trade signal, this will bring you some more pips. You can use for Profit Target the middle band of Center of Gravity.




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