Cyborg Scalping Trading System


  • 20EMA
  • Currency Ciborg
  • Ma Cross OC


Long Entry:

  • When the price is below 20 ema wait the buy arrow and long entry at open next bar (the price must be less than 20 ema).

Short Entry:

  • When the price is above 20 ema wait the sell arrow and short entry at open next bar (the price must be greater than 20 ema)



  • When appears the opposite signal.

Stop loss:

  • for buy on Lower band Cyborg indicator;
  • for sell on higher band Cyborg indicator.

Target Profit (AUD/USD 8 pips, EUR/USD 10 pips, GBP/USD 14 pips).

In the picture Cyborg Trading System

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Cyborg Scalping system:

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