The Dragon Fly Trading System

  • Time Frame 5min but Work any time frame >5min.
  • Pairs:all



  • MACD (5,15,1)
  • DSSBressert (8,13)
  • Ribbon

Long Entry:

  • DSS Bressert Blue Arrow,
  • MACD>0,
  • RSIOMA cross up,
  • Ribbon is green.
  • Not to Entry if DSS or RSIOMA is in Overbought


Short Entry:

  • DSS Bressert Red Arrow,
  • MACD<0,
  • RSIOMA cross down,
  • Ribbon is Red.
  • Not to Entry if DSS or RSIOMA is in Oversold.


Exit Position:

  • When the dot of DSS changes color from red to blue to red or blue;
  • When the Rsioma Crosses in opposite direction;
  • When Ribbon Change colour.


For 5min chart we prefer when The RSIOMA crosses in opposite direction and Profit Target.

Stop loss for 5 min chart is 3 pips below or above the entry point.

Profit Target for 5min chart is 8 pips for EUR/USD, 10 pips for GBP/USD and 6 pips for AUD/USD.

In the pictures the Dragon Fly in action.

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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The Dragon Fly:

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