Scalping Chimp Trading System

  • Time Frame 5m


Metatrader Indicators:

  • ADXVMA16Bar
  • ADXVM12Bar
  • TLOMI Nonlag v.4
  • Chimp2.1 with ma
  • MA Cross OC

Long Entry:

  • ADXVMA12Bar and TLOmi non lag >ADXVMA16 Bar;
  • Ma>Chimp2.1;
  • wait blue arrow MA Cross OC.


Short Entry

  • ADXVMA12Bar and TLOmi non lag <ADXVMA16 Bar;
  • Ma<Chimp2.1;
  • wait red arrow MA Cross OC.

Exit Position

  • For Buy when appears red arrow;
  • for Sell when appears blue arrow;


Profit Target:

  • EUR/USD 7 pips GBP/USD 9 pips, AUD/USD 5 pips.

see pictures below:Scalping Chimp in action.


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Scalping chimp:

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