Scared Chao

This indicator demonstrates the following:

  1. Teeth, jaws, and lips of the alligator.
  2. Bearish or bullish signals of super AO; the moment when 3 ledges on Awesome Oscillator are colored in the same color.
  3. Divergent ledges (bearish or bullish) that close absolutely below or above the indicator.
  4. Fractals (bearish or bullish) that are situated below or above the trend of the teeth line.
  5. The angular construction from the price reaches the top or intersects the alligator to the Wise Men number 1.
  6. Experts can have their angular construction as declination in points per one ledge in a buffer, however it won’t be visible.
  7. Back lines are based in the maximum or the minimum on the last ledges.
  8. There is an ATR value for trailing and signals.

The indicator was published in the 0.2 version. There can be some errors. It works in the graphs but can crash in Tester on the ArrayOutRange.


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