The Secret Method Trading System

Swing Man Strategy


  • Time Frame: 5 min
  • Pairs: Eur/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD

Metatrader Indicators:

  • HA;
  • T3;
  • Pivots;
  • Sweet Spots:

Swing Man;

  • Momentum (10);
  • IX-O-A-h (5).

Long Trade:

  • Swingman blue arrow +blueHisto>0 on candle wich just closed above T3line;
  • Momentum>0
  • I-XO-A-H green

Re-Entry I-XO-A-H changes back to green and Swing Man is darkgreen-all on close candle.



  • When I-XO-A-H is red.
  • Stop Loss, 15 pips;
  • Profit Target, 30 pips;
  • Trailing Stop.

For Sell trade it’s vice-versa

In the pictures below an example of the Secret Method Forex System with explanation.

The Secret Method
The Secret Method

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