3 candles High or Low Trading System

Time Frame 5min. Pairs: EUR/USD, AUD USD, GBP/USD Entry 3 consecutive candlesticks must be either bullish or bearish. Also it must be in slope   Stop Loss Higher or Lower second candle Prof

Scalping with Money Flow Index and Bollinger Bands

Time Frame 5min Pairs: EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD   Forex Indicators: Bollinger bands (20, 2) Money Flow Index (8).   Long Entry: when the Money Flow Index  is in overbought, the bid price

Scalping with TLOMI: “Innerspace” Trading System

Time Frame 30 min and 60min. Pairs: Majors.   Forex Indicators: S&R Laguerre RSI HMA color nrp Long Entry: Above Support, TLOMI Crosses up HMA color, wait that HMA is green and Laguerre

The Dragon Fly Trading System

Time Frame 5min but Work any time frame >5min. Pairs:all   Indicators: MACD (5,15,1) DSSBressert (8,13) RSIOMA II Ribbon Long Entry: DSS Bressert Blue Arrow, MACD>0, RSIOMA cross up, R

Isakas Sekelper Trading System

This is a old strategy for scalping designed for metatrader 4 with personalized *indicators. Time Frame:5 min or higher. Currency Pairs:majors. Metatrader indicators:  nonlag dot ma, HMA, FX Fi

Scalping Chimp Trading System

Time Frame 5m Pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD.   Metatrader Indicators: ADXVMA16Bar ADXVM12Bar TLOMI Nonlag v.4 Chimp2.1 with ma MA Cross OC Long Entry: ADXVMA12Bar and TLOmi non lag >ADXVMA1

5min Breakout Trading System

Time frame 5min. Pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD,AUD/USD   Forex Indicators: 10EMA, 50EMA. Bollinger Bands (30,2) ParabolicSar(0.03, 0.2) RSI (14) (Buy level 60, Sell Level 40) MACD (12,26,9) Long Ent

Jurik Scalp Net Trading System

Jurik filter Time frame 1m; 5 min. Pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD(1m), EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, 5m. Metatrader Indicators: Jurik filter; Jurik TTM ssa Bars; Jurik MACD. Long Entry: When jurik filter cro

MACD Scalping 1 min Trading System

Time Frame 1min Pair Eur/USD, GBP/USD Indicators: MACD (13,21,1); MACD (21,34,1); MACD (34,144,1); Flat Trend w MACD 3 Exponential Moving Averages: EMA (21), EMA (34), EMA (144) – TVH pivot

Neptune 3, 1min Scalping Trading System

Neptune Scalping   Time Frame 1min. Pairs: Eur/USD, GBP/USD. Indicators: Bands: set at (20, 3), Exponential. Moving Average 3 Exponential, MACD Histogram Study (6,17,8) Relative Strength Index 

5min Method Trading System

  Pair: Eur/Usd Time: 5min Indicators MACD: 12,26,1 ( 1 means nothing ) Stochastic: 5,3,3 EMA: 5 to the close EMA: 5 to the open *no trades during news times* *Risk is set to 1%* *Take prof

Cyborg Scalping Trading System

Indicators: 20EMA Currency Ciborg Ma Cross OC   Long Entry: When the price is below 20 ema wait the buy arrow and long entry at open next bar (the price must be less than 20 ema). Short Entry:

B.O.S.S.Breakout Method Trading System

Ok so now we have the chart template all ready to use we will now go into the rules for entering a chart with our 3 indicators. As with the original method I like to keep things as simple as possible,

C5 Trading System

Day Trading and Scalping Strategies Time Frame: 5m, Pairs:all Indicators •Pivots Daily #1 & #2 •Pivots Weekly #1 & #2 •Pivots Monthly #1 & #2 •EMA 34 Blue •EMA 55 Red •Sto

Forex Scalp Retracement Trading System

Time Frame 5min Pairs: GBP/USD EUR/JPY Indicators: 55EMA MACD (4,9.6) Long Entry: The Closing price must be above 55EMA on The Hourly Chart; The closing hourly candelstick must be a bullish candels

Scalping Velocity Market Trading System

Trade Session: London and NewYork Time frame 5 min or range bars 5 pips Metatrader Indicators: SSTCalc Long SSTCalc Short Rebellion Evolution Long Entry: When appears arrow SSTCalc Long confirmed b

Scalping Panther Trading System

Time Frame 5min Pairs: EUR/USD/ AUD/USD GBP/USD Long: ENTRY: First We wait for a long signal alert( two options, first Entry with 2 ema cross, Second option Entry with qqe alert) LAGUERRE: Laguerre li

Scalping Method Trading System

Price Trigger Signal   Time Frame 5min Pairs:EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD. SHORT ENTRY If Price trigger == (-1) and the candle above the trigger opens BELOW the orange volatility pivot you enter

5 min Channel Trading System

Time frame:5m. Pairs: Majors (Draw an Channel or to use an indicator channel) After a channel has been broken, I will look for pullback – price to come back to the channel and retest support\re

Kevinator Retracement Trading System

This is a scalping system based on the retracement of the price.   Time frame: 5m Kevinator system Major only. Pairs: Majors (eur/usd, usd /chf, gbp/usd,  aud / usd, usd / cad,  usd/jpy, gpb/