60 minute after open Trading System

Trading System Open Market

Time sensitive method

This forex System is only for ECN Broker Account.

Pairs: Major with spread < 0.0001 (EUR/USD).


 Wait for the market to make to 60 minute from the open. If the market is near the intraday high be prepared to go short If the market is near an intraday low for the same time period, then be prepared to go long.

How the trading system entry in the market: For sell setups: Enter on sell stop 1 pip from low of the last 15 min bar. For buy setups: Enter in buy stop 1 pip from high of the last 15-minute bars.


Profit exit:

Close out positions on 6 pips profit..


Stop Loss:

Close out on 5 pips loss or if trade takes more than1 minute.


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