Volatility Scalp Trading System

Volatility Damiani Noise

This Trading System is only for ECN Brokers Accounts

  • Pairs:EUR/USD
  • Time frame: 1M.
  • Spread max:0,0001.
  • Price: Bar Chart.


  • Damiani noise ;
  • ADX (DMI);
  • Momentum (14).
  • T Stop;

Long Entry position:

  • ADX(14) >28;
  • Momentum (14)> middle line;
  • Damiani noise is reporting good volatility;

Short entry position:

  • ADX(14) >28;
  • Momentum (14)< middle line;
  • Damiani noise is reporting good volatility.

Profit exit:

target price is 5 pips no more, but if there is highvolatility and volumes follow the position with T Stop

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tpl volatility scalp:

T Stop:

Damiani_volatmeter v3.2:

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